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Will you make just one shirt?

Our minimum for screen printing is 18 pieces and for embroidery it is 12 pieces but we can heat press a single shirt if you need just one. The process is pretty simple. Just tell us what you want it to say or send us an image and we can take care of the rest.

What are your terms?

We require 50% down and the balance on delivery. We accept cash, checks and credit cards. After approval of your credit application terms may be available. We do accept purchase orders from approved customers.

Do you offer discounts for putting your logo on our uniforms?

As you might imagine we get calls every week asking us to give free or discounted uniforms in exchange for putting our logo on their shirt. We routinely help charities, churches and fund raising events as much as possible but, we would not be able to survive if we gave away free or discounted apparel to everyone who asks. If you are involved in a worthwhile cause then by all means let us know and we will see if we can offer some discounts to your organization.

How long does a normal order take to produce?

Typically screen printed or embroidered orders can be produced from start to finish with 10-14 days. There are exceptions to this timeframe based on workload, quantity ordered and complexity of the project.

Can you handle rush projects?

Of course we can. We pride ourselves at taking care of our customer needs. Since we produce all of the screen printing and embroidery in house at our shop we have the flexibility to do whatever it takes to get a project completed in time. Let us know what you are in need of and we will let you know if it can be accomplished.

Where can I see what you offer as far as clothing?

Click here to view our 2 online apparel catalogs. You can also stop by our office and look at our printed catalogs or view samples in our showroom.

What affects the cost of my t-shirt order?

Many variables contribute to the cost of an order produced at Bullseye. The main variables are listed here – Do you have color separated vector based artwork? Are you screen printing or embroidering? How many colors and locations ie: front, back sleeve are you decorating? What is the type of garment and how many do you need? How quickly is the order needed and what are the sizes? These are just some of the questions that we will need to know in order to provide you with an accurate quotation.

If I supply my own artwork, what do I need to provide?

Artwork should be provided in vector format -full size as Adobe Illustrator or Illustrator PDF files with all of the fonts outlined. If you need more information about preparing your artwork check with a graphic artist or feel free to contact us with your questions.

Understanding Vector vs. Raster


Download our guide, understanding Vector vs. Raster.

Vector artwork contains shapes and lines made from mathematical calculations that can be scaled with no loss to quality because the math formulas stay the same. In addition vector artwork can easily bec changed to have limited colors which is required by processes such as screen printing, embroidery, "stencil-cut" vinyl, and promotional items (logos printed on cups, pens, etc.)

Vector vs. Raster

Raster artwork is made of pixels that cannot be scaled up without causing a blurry image due to a fixed number of pixels saved into the image.

Vector vs. Raster II

How do I get my order when it is completed?

You are welcome to pick it up at our Brunswick facility or depending on the size of the order it can be delivered by courier, UPS or Fed Ex., USPS, or a truck.

What is the best giveaway at a tradeshow?

There are many promotional products that work well at trade shows. We can give you a lot of ideas but it still depends on the type of show, location, product or service you are promoting and of course quantity needed and your budget. Popular items are logo pens, screen printed t-shirts and bags.

What options do I have to letter my company truck?

We can do many things including making removable magnetic signs, full color vinyl graphics on the sides, doors, tailgate and even perforated signage over the glass. We could also do a full wrap if you would prefer that type of look.

What if all I have is an idea and no artwork?

Just let us know what you are thinking of and our staff artists can work up some designs for you so that your idea comes to life.

We Can Use Your Artwork

We can bring your artwork to life!


Can you print or embroider any color?

We have standard inks and thread colors available at our shop and these colors are included in our base costs. We can order or mix special colors, Pantone matches etc. specifically for your order but additional charges do apply.

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