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How Promo Products Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

Custom Polo Shirts Printed & Embroidered

March 2019

The positive impact that promotional materials have on your bottom line is often under-estimated. Did you know that investing in your business by purchasing custom promotional products is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising?

Recently ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) did a study that was published in the 2019 issue of Wearables magazine. That study did a deep dig into just how valuable promotional polos are to a business’s bottom line!

custom printed polos
Custom polo shirts for businesses embroidered by Bullseye Activewear

Advertising is often measured in cost per impression (CPI). A promotional polo shirt is expected to generate 2.3k impressions over its lifetime. Assuming the polo cost $16, your CPI would calculate as $0.0069 cents. It is estimated your CPI would be up to 800% higher on any other advertising medium!

The reason promotional polos have such a good ROI (return on investment) is because people either keep them or give them away rather than throw them away. 65% of consumers own promotional polo shirts and keep them for an average of 13 months. If the person doesn’t wear the polo, they will pass it on to someone else 68% of the time. Oh and don't forget... people actually wear them!

In conclusion, promotional polos are a really good investment for your business. Delight your employees and customers by investing in custom promotional products today. Bullseye Activewear is here to help. We screen print and embroider top brands of polos by Nike, Under Armour, Adidas & more.

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