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Bullseye Attends Re-branded Impressions Expo

January 21, 2020

The Imprinted Sportswear Show (ISS) is long known as the premier tradeshow in the printing industry. For 2020 the show’s name was changed to The Impressions Expo to better represent the range of product exhibited. The show will be held in five different locations in 2020 and includes over 400 top exhibitors.

This year, Bullseye Activewear’s Jim and Susan Heiser attended the show at the Long Beach Convention Center in California from January 17-19. The Heisers make it a point to attend the show annually, where they participate in seminars, learn about new products, forge new partnerships and find the best blank goods suppliers on the market. California is the hot bed of fashion and decorating techniques. At the show, Jim and Susan learn about what is trending now in the industry so they can bring the best new ideas to their Northeast Ohio customer base. This year products such as tri-blend fabrics, safety apparel and products made in the U.S.A. were at the top of the trending products list.

"We like the Impressions Expo because it offers us an opportunity to see all of the major players in our industry under one roof,” said Jim. “We can compare the products, see how new machines operate and get all of our questions answered by vendor’s technical and sales staff."

Jim and Susan researched partners to upgrade their online store capabilities to improve reporting to the customer base. They also explored automated folding and bagging equipment along with the latest embroidery and hooping products. Last of all, Bullseye will be expanding their screen-printing department in 2020 and they sourced the equipment needed to complete the expansion.

Look for some new cool products from Bullseye Activewear this spring! Jim and Susan are looking forward to The 2021 Impressions Expo.

Jim & Susan Heiser at ISS Show
Bullseye's Jim and Susan At The Show!

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