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Bullseye Lends a Helping Hand with Fundraising Stores

November 8, 2021

Colin Cares Cancer SweatshirtOver Bullseye Activewear’s nearly 30-year history, the company has completed numerous projects for fundraisers, non-profit organizations, and organized benefits. The number of stories of loss and success caused Bullseye owners and founders Jim and Susan Heiser to think outside the box about how the company could take service a step further.

There were many terrific causes that Bullseye would come into contact with, and most of the organizers were challenged by the tasks of taking orders, collecting funds, and delivering the fundraising goods. It then became Jim’s goal to help distribute and ultimately collect funds for the customers. That is when the concept for Bullseye Activewear’s Stores was created.

What Is Bullseye's Store?

Bullseye StoreThe Bullseye Store is a way for smaller non-profit organizations to sell goods online. Sometimes theses fundraising projects are smaller orders that can only come to fruition if there is a certain level of interest. Through their e-commerce venture, Bullseye Activewear is able to help make more of these fundraising projects a reality.

Bullseye’s non-profit customers love the online store not only for the ability to gauge interest, but also because it takes the pressure of accepting orders and organizing sizes and quantities off of their hands. Most importantly, the customers love that Bullseye goes the extra mile by offering pickup of orders at Bullseye’s headquarters or shipping the product direct. This really makes the process of selling goods as a fundraiser automated and seamless for the organizers.

Bullseye has worked with many local organizations through the online store over the past few years. The Boy Scouts, local fire departments, youth sports and many memorial funds are just some of the organizations who have had successful projects through the Bullseye Store.

Most recently, Bullseye was able to help raise over $2500 as a memorial for a 3rd grade teacher from the Revere Local Schools. “The money that was raised from the Buckeyes for Booth T-shirt fundraiser went right to his family, where it was needed most”, said Jim Heiser. Bullseye also created a store to help honor a highly regarded cross country coach from Medina who passed suddenly at the start of the season. Susan Heiser stated, “The efforts of the online sale of the Run with Milt shirts enabled us to be able to present a check for over $1000 to the cross country scholarship fund at Medina High School. It was great to see the Superintendent, Athletic Director, High School Principal, and the coach’s wife were among the large group who came together to accept the donation.

Bullseye Activewear Fundraising Store
Bullseye's Susan Heiser presents donation to check to Medina High School's Cross Country Scholarship Fund from the Run With Milt shirt fundraiser.

Bullseye plans to continue to invest in the online stores over the coming years. As more people look for ways to raise much needed funds, or rally support for a cause, Bullseye Activewear will be updating the online capabilities to help make the online fundraising stores even easier to implement and use. In addition to fundraising, corporate accounts can also use the same technology to offer online shopping for their staff.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and quarter zips are the most popular products for sale on the Bullseye store. You can visit the Bullseye Store at www.bullseyestore.com or call Bullseye Activewear at 330-220-1720 for more information.

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