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Get More ROI with Better Quality Branded Merchandise

August 1, 2023

More Gets More

In this case, “More means Less”, and “More gets More”!

Budgets matter. There is only so much money to go around and in today's competitive business world, you need innovative strategies to boost brand recognition, strengthen customer loyalty, and maximize return on investment (ROI). Every salesperson or marketing professional you talk to has the next best idea, and a sure path to new success if you’ll just spend more money.

It’s time to get more out of what you are already doing. Tried and true branding and marketing works, if you’re doing it right. Doing it wrong can be costly, and one mistake competitive businesses can make is choosing quantity over quality with branded merchandise.

Embroidered BackpackSpending less per item to get more items may be costing you results.

Spend a little more per item. You may end up with fewer things to give away, but a better quality embroidered hat or sportswear, a higher quality t-shirt/graphic design, or even upgraded koozies, bags, mugs, and more pay off fast. Specifically, if you invest in better quality merchandise, with styles and items that people want or need, you’ll do better in the long run.

Here are a few things to consider that might encourage you to spend a little more per item to get the biggest bang for your buck:

Elevated Brand Perception

When you associate with premium products, like TravisMathew, Carhartt, Eddie Bauer, Under Armour, and more, you’re sending a powerful message to your employees and customers. Customers perceive the quality of your merchandise as a reflection of your brand's values and standards. A higher price point not only enhances the perceived value of your brand but also positions your company's brand as superior in the market. Perhaps people will expect to invest a little more with you when they realize you’re willing to invest in them.

Making Memories

Branded Koozie Can HolderWhen customers receive high-quality merchandise that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, that’s memorable. T-shirts and hats and usable merchandise like doozies and cups get worn and used in public. Less quality is less desirable, and less visible when it gets thrown away!

Increased Reach and Visibility

How many t-shirts do you have that were given to you that become sleep shirts or painting clothes? That’s not why you give away branded merchandise. You want the walking billboard, and the only way you’ll get it is by giving your customers something they’ll be proud to be seen in. This sustained visibility exponentially increases your brand's reach, attracting new customers and reinforcing loyalty among existing ones.

Differentiation in a Crowded Marketplace

Branded Embroidered HandbagWhat have you done to stand out from the competition lately? Probably a lot! You have to! It works that way with branded merchandise, too. Investing in premium branded merchandise allows you to differentiate your brand and create a lasting impression in customers' minds. Everyone gives stuff away…make sure no one does it like you!

Yes, budgets matter. Spending more per item means you’ll get fewer items. That is true. But fewer “quality” items to make a lasting impression far outweighs giving away more “quantity” items that get forgotten.

Bullseye Activewear and Promotions can help you make the right decisions when it comes to how much to spend, on what items, to get the highest return and to reach your marketing initiatives. Call us today and let’s see what fits best for you and your company…and your customers.

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