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Brand Matters: The Case for Being Picky about Logo and Colors

February 20, 2024

Being Picky About Logo Colors

Consider all of your options for branded sportswear and promotional items.

You may think that once you have a logo you like and the vector files to go with it, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Nothing is further from the truth.

Your logo is one thing. What it gets printed or embroidered on is something else. It is likely to be featured on t-shirts, hats, letterhead, printed coffee mugs, and more. Not to mention vehicle signage, letterhead, and even the signs in front of your shop.

The trick is to maintain brand integrity across all of those promotional products and platforms. It’s not easy, because each one requires a different approach. Your color combination may not work on a specific item. Your logo may not stand out on a hat the way it does on a t-shirt.

At Bullseye Activewear and Promotions, we take your logo design, color combinations, branded merchandise and promotional items seriously. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to get creative, without painting outside of the lines.

Here are some things to think about, and things we are always working on if you want your logo to maintain integrity AND stand out:

Brand recognition starts with Color

Your logo or brand likely has a specific color scheme. But what if the shirt or hat you want to use is the same color or a conflicting color. Unless you always want to use white or black, you’ll need a color strategy. We’ve had great success muting (called “tone one tone” or “tonal”) logo colors, even using different shades of gray to amplify your brand.

Dior Garments
Dior Garments
These pictures of a Christian Dior bag are a great example of how muting can make embroidered branding stand out in a subtle, yet eye-popping way.

Multi-Color isn't always an option

Perhaps your logo has different colors, but your branded merchandise only allows one. Or, maybe you could have multiple colors, but the expense breaks the budget. Now what? One simple solution is to make sure your corporate logo package includes a black-and-white version. At Bullseye Activewear and Promotions, we have a designer on staff to help expand your logo versions.

Colors and threads aren’t always a perfect match

Getting an exact color in your embroidery isn’t always an option. There are infinite colors on the spectrum, but not in the thread world. At Bullseye Activewear and Promotions, we work hard to combine different thread colors to bring your product incredibly close to perfect. It takes work, but it’s something we are good at, and it matters.

How much should your logo “pop”?

Yes, you’ll notice a bright orange logo on a neon green shirt…but is that what you want? We’re not looking for a beacon, we’re looking for a memorable impression. At Bullseye Activewear and Promotions, we’ve printed white on white, and black on black, using different tones and shades. Different shades of any color can stand out together. The outcome is dramatic, and stylish, which makes it memorable.

When all is said and done, your logo and colors were designed and selected on purpose. Stick to it, but look for the right variations and creativity to make your logo and your branded merchandise do what they are intended to do. Namely, to be noticed and remembered for the excellence your brand stands for.

The reason we’re writing this blog is because we see businesses making mistakes with screen-printed or embroidered logos and brands. That can do more damage to the brand than good. Working with a professional screen printing, embroidery, and design expert, like Bullseye Activewear and Promotions, will ensure you’re winning every time you’re in the game.

Bullseye Activewear and Promotions can help you make the right decisions when it comes to how much to spend, on what items, to get the highest return and to reach your marketing initiatives. Reach out today and let’s see what fits best for you and your company… and your customers.

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