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Logo Up! 4 Opportunities to Show Off Your Logo

Four big opportunities to show off your logo and how to do it right.

May 3, 2024

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We don’t have to tell you how important a logo is for your business. A brand name and visual logo is a first and lasting impression that is made every time someone comes into contact with your business’ products and services.

In recent helpful articles, we’ve talked about how to ensure brand consistency with color choices and logo styles. We’ve also taken a deeper dive into primary and secondary logos, and how they can be strategized to deliver the brand message in multiple ways.

Now, we want to talk about where those logos are seen, and where they should be.

Here are four categories for logo visibility, along with five missed logo/branding opportunities that we’ve found across our 32 years in the promotional products and branded activewear business:

Logo Placement on T-ShirtPhysical Materials

The obvious here would include business cards, signage inside and outside your business location, product and product packaging and branded merchandise, activewear, and apparel.

For these purposes, make sure you have a single-color logo version available for instances where full-color printing is not available or not cost-effective.

Logo Placement on StationaryMissed Opportunity: Stationery, envelopes, and invoices.

Too often, businesses make the mistake of leaving their branding off of these functional communication pieces. Let everyone know that these uniquely personal documents are “stamped” with your brand’s approval.

Digital Assets

The most obvious opportunity here is your website. You’ll be looking for the opportunity to place your logo in a prominent location right from the start. Now, don’t forget to include your logo in the footer of your site and on the “Contact Us” pages.

For these digital branding purposes, you may also want to develop a Favicon designed for brand recognition in website browser tabs and a Social Media Profile logo, specifically tailored to various social platforms to maintain brand consistency.

Missed Opportunities: Email Signatures

A business email certainly comes from you, but it also comes from the business. Most email platforms make it easy to upload your logo to your digital signature that comes at the bottom of every page. Automate it and include the logo when you do!

Missed Opportunities: Google My Business, Yelp, etc.

Wherever your customers find you, they should also find your logo. Consider hiring a professional to look at your “digital footprint” and determine where people are learning and interacting with your brand. If you can, put your logo there, at the very least.

Advertising and Promotion

Advertisements are an obvious place for logo usage. You should also plan for trade show booths and banners/signage, and be ready to use your logo whenever you want to show up in the local high school yearbook or sports program.

Logo Placement Embroidered Hats

Missed Opportunity: Too much logo

It’s true, you can have too much of a good thing. Your customers may not want to be a walking billboard. Sometimes, a secondary logo on the sleeve, or in the neck area on the back is just enough to do the trick.

For these advertising options, you’ll want to make sure you have a full library of logo design files. Ask your printer whether they’d prefer a .png, .jpeg, .svg, or a .pdf file.

Company Vehicles and Employee Uniforms:

Be strategic here. You’ve got lots of room with which to play. Remember who your target audience is, and what you’re trying to accomplish. You want your employees to be proud to be wearing or driving your brand, and you want your customers to receive it well at the same time.

For these purposes, make sure that your color scheme is right. We wrote a helpful article about this to make sure your logo “pops”.

Logo Placement on Vehicle Window Graphic

Missed Opportunity: Creativity

Often, the most time your vehicle’s signage receives in front of the customer is from the back panels, or in the rearview mirror. Sure, the side of the vehicle has the most space, but creativity in the front or back messaging can make a difference for your brand. The same can be said for uniforms. Use the space wisely!

At Bullseye Activewear and Promotions, we put logos on just about anything! And we’ve been doing it for over 32 years. We’ve learned a thing or two along the way. If you need help with logos, advice, or branded merchandise selections, let us know. We’re here to help you stand out.

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